“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”
Karl Lagerfeld

Why Photography:

For my second Mother's Day my thoughtful husband bought me a Canon Rebel. Like many new parents I was obsessed with taking pictures of our little one, and was constantly frustrated at my camera being too slow to capture her adorable expressions as quickly as they happened. The moment that Canon Rebel touched my hand I became obsessed with photography. Nine years, and many equipment upgrades latter, the obsession has only grown.

Life is busy, and time moves so fast. Photography is my way preserving the emotion and beauty in the moments that make life meaningful.

My Style:

I like to capture the connection that makes relationships meaningful, on a personal level those are the pictures that mean the most to me when I look back through our family's albums. However, I also love a good traditional portrait to hang on the wall or use in a Christmas card, therefore my client sessions are a mixture of directed candid shots, and traditional portraits.

My Equipment:

I shoot with a full frame professional Canon body, and have a bagful of Canon L lenses.

My Editing:

I use Adobe Camera RAW in connection with Photoshop CC.

My Location:

Coastal San Diego.

Contact Me:

Email:; Phone: (503) 998-9121

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